You will never be successful if you do this 15 things in your life (2020)

1. You sleep late at night.
Unsuccessful people
Most of the successful people goes to bed on time . They get full 8 hours of sleep which is necessary for body and mind.

2. You wake up late in the morning.
Unsuccessful people
If you are wakeing up late in the morning than you will never make on time to work. You will feel dizzy whole day, your mind will not support you in your work . Wakeing early in the morning gives you more personal time and you can schedule your whole day.

3. You watch Television everyday.
Unsuccessful people
If you are watching television everyday for hour you are wasting your time 7 hours a week, 30 hours a month and you will waste 365 hours in a year. Instead you can use your hour in self improvement and learning new things . 

4. You use social Media for entertainment.
Unsuccessful people
If you use social media more than 30 minutes a day than you are wasting your time . Instead you can hangout with your friends and family and give some times to your loved once and you can have loved atmosphere in your life.

5. You fear changes.
Unsuccessful people
You fear changes in your life . You don't accept new things and technology or relationship in your life which itself pulls you back from success.

6. You are lazy.
Unsuccessful people
You are lazy. You don't like to work. You always have reason to postpone any work you never make out on time . You always feel like resting.

7. You think you know it all.
Unsuccessful people
Your biggest set back in your life is you think you know everything you are not willing to learn anything new. You don't listen to anyone and never take advice of elders and senior's.

8. You blame other's for your failure.
Unsuccessful people
You always blame others for your failure. You never accept your fault and always try to blame someone for your own failure.

9. You don't exercise.
Unsuccessful people
You don't exercise . You never gives important to your health which lead to your lazy behaviour and careless nature. 

10. You don't stick to your commitments.
Unsuccessful people
You don't stick to your commitments . You always take for granted your own commitments and loose your confident in yourself .

11. You hold a grudge.
Unsuccessful people
You always hold grudges in your life which eventually set you back in you life. You lost important relationship in your ego and always stay alone for that.

12. You secretly hope for others fall.
Unsuccessful people
You feel jealous for others success you always feel that they should fall and you feel happy for that. You never help anyone and eventually you don't get any support from anyone.

13. You don't know what you want to be.
Unsuccessful people
You are always confused and don't know what you want to achieve in life. You never set your goals and always try to achieve something which is unknown.

14. You change your idea's frequently.
Unsuccessful people
You change your ideas frequently. You loose hope in your own idea of success you want to get shortcut to success but mostly you fail in your idea as you can't stick to it for consistent.

15 You are arrogant.
Unsuccessful people
You think yourself superior to others you never accept anyone advice and make yourself the only person who is knowledgeable and have superior qualities. Insulting someone is your hobbies you always take your loved ones for granted. You don't give importance to anyone in your life.

Thanks for reading hope you will change your qualities which are putting you back in your life. Success is a state of mind not a life .

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