Documents required for DEATH CERTIFICATE
  • The following documents are required to register a death:

  1. The medical certificate of the cause of death

  2. NHS Card (also known as the medical card)

  3. Birth certificate of the deceased

  4. Driving license of the deceased (if any)

  5. civil partnership certificate (if applicable)

  6. Passport of the deceased

  7. Proof of address (e.g. utility bills)

  • The following information about the deceased is required by the Registrar before registering the death:

  1. Date and place of the death

  2. The address of the deceased

  3. The full names (including the maiden name of a married woman). Any former married name or other names by which the deceased was known.

  4. His/her occupation

  5. Details of their wife or husband or civil partner

  6. Whether he/she had any Government pension or other benefits

The documents required by the Registrar in a State to obtain the death certificate of an individual are as follows:

  • A proof relating to the birth and age of the deceased - For example the birth certificate matriculation certificate, PAN Card, Voter ID Card, etc. 

  • An affidavit specifying the date and time of death.

  • Proof of death - For example the crematorium receipt, hospital letter, etc.

  • A copy of the ration card of the deceased.

  • The required fee in the form of court fee stamps.

  • Address proof of the deceased - For example electricity bills, water bills, etc.

  • Additionally, the person who wants to obtain a death certificate from the Registrar may also be required to give evidence of his relation with the deceased, his complete address and proof of nationality.

  • Form 2 i.e. the Death Report to be filled up by the applicant

  • Authorisation letter in case of an authorised person with Photo ID, PAN Card, etc.

Ration card

Voter id

Msme certificate

Marriage certificate

Driving license

Birth certificate

Pan card


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